Data Security?

A key data security technology measure is scrambling, where digital data, 
software/hardware, and hard drives are scrambled and rendered unreadable to 
unauthorized users and hackers. 

Data security is also very important for health care records, so health advocates and medical practitioners in the U.S. and other 
countries are working toward implementing electronic medical records (EMR) 
privacy by creating awareness about patient rights related to the release of data to 
laboratories, physicians, hospitals and other medical facilities.

The unauthorized access of this data could lead to numerous problems for the larger 
corporation or even the personal home user

Having your bank account details 
stolen is just as damaging as the system administrator who was just robbed for the 
client information in their database. There has been a huge emphasis on data 
security as of late, largely because of the internet. There are a number of options 
for locking down your data from software solutions to hardware mechanisms. 
Computer users are certainly more conscious these days, but are your data really 

They can include operating system software, 
applications and programs, databases, hardware components, and networks. Each 
of these elements requires a different method for protecting the data. In general, Information Security professionals suggest that protecting 
sensitive data requires a combination of people, processes, polices, and 

A set of standards and procedures must 
be developed that defines how the data is to be used by authorized personnel. Finally, a set of controls and audit procedures must be put into place that ensures ongoing compliance with government regulations.

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