Why Is Web-based E-mail So Popular?

The best explanation for the popularity of Web-based e-mail is that it is so easy to use. For example, you are about halfway through the process of creating an e-mail account that you can use indefinitely. Almost all of the work is done for you by software residing on the server. 
The next step is just as simple: Just enter a desired e-mail name andpassword,the Web e-mail server will generate an account for you, and you will be able to log in.

As you can see, you simply log into this type of account through your Web browser. You can then read and send e-mail to anyone.The majority of Web-based mail accounts available are free, and business users on the run use them quite fre-quently.Many use this service to send and receive e-mail meant to be con-fidential, or which is meant to begin, maintain and seal business dealings.Now that you have a good idea of the usefulness of such sites

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